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Project Description
MotionTracker is an ASP.NET application that tracks web analytic information for your website. It uses a configurable HttpModule that you can add to your ASP.NET application to begin tracking information. All of the data is stored in a SQL Server 2008 database.

How It Works
The tool tracks information from the HttpRequest that includes URL, browser, and referrer information. There are no scripts to install on your web site or web pages. The HttpModule basically plugs into the ASP.NET web page processing pipeline and begin logging the information to the database. The model for the application includes other tracking identifiers that will allow you to associate information from a single request to child requests originating from the parent request.

Entity Framework
The application makes use of the Entity Framework for data persistence.

WCF - Windows Communication Foundation
The application just got WCF implementation for the business tier. The web application will use a WCF proxy configured for net.tcp binding. This enables remoting from the web server(s) to one or more middle-tier business application servers; with a load balancer. Each business application server contains a Windows Service that hosts the WCF and listens to specified ports to process messages/requests from the presentation tier.

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